The Unlock Happiness Program

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At key2Bme, we're all about spreading positivity—and recognizing those everyday heroes who make a difference in our lives and communities. That's why we started our Unlock Happiness Program. We are on the lookout for people or groups who are spreading kindness and inspiration to others. Those selected will receive a donation of our inspiring keys to support their efforts and be featured on our website and in social media.

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Our Happiness Heroes

Here are the people or groups we've recognized so far:

SuperYou FUNdation

SuperYou FUNdation​ was founded by Lourds Lane​ and is an educational arts-based foundation that empowers youth to notice and celebrate the superhero qualities in themselves and others so they feel inspired to positively impact their communities. We want to recognize their inspiring work to spread happiness by continuing to donate custom "HERO" keys all throughout 2018. And, we are pulling together a big care package of many of our other inspiring keys that they can use in their curriculum that fosters a culture of kindness and anti-bullying.

Learn more about their amazing organization here: 

Kid Nicholas Going Gold 4 Kids 

Nicholas is a 9-year-old who was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and has now been in remission for three years. He and his family are now spreading kindness by helping other families who are battling this disease. Whether it's helping with a bill, buying holiday gifts or just stopping by to share some encouragement, he is putting smiles on other kids' faces! We are sending Nicholas one of our "Purpose" keys because he is surely making a difference in the lives of others! In addition, we are pulling together a supply of our most uplifting, encouraging keys for him so he can use them in his work to spread hope and happiness and raise much needed awareness for kids who battle cancer.

Learn more about his work here: Kid Nicholas Going Gold 4 Kids Founding Hope 

Miles of Smiles

Miles of Smiles is a newly formed club at UW-Stevens Point that's working to create awareness and raise money in support of those with cleft lip/palate and craniofacial disorders. At key2Bme, we were so inspired by their work that we created a custom "Smile" key just for them! We donated these custom keys so they can use them as a fundraiser to help spread (you guessed it!) MILES of SMILES! 

Learn more about Miles of Smiles here.  

The Sunshine Project

Mrs. Griffith's group of kindergartners at High Tech Elementary Chula Vista have been working this trimester on "The Sunshine Project," which aims to spread happiness in their school and community. Each student received one of our "Amazing" keys and one of our "Happy" keys to give away to support their mission to spread happiness. Now that the trimester has ended, when the students presented their project to the community, they each received a "Shine" key to keep for themselves as a little extra surprise from us! We hope it will serve as a reminder of all the great work they did and inspire them to keep shining and spreading happiness to others. Way to go, kids!

The Invincible Foundation

The Invincible Foundation empowers girls from under-resourced communities to achieve their goals by providing them with resources and opportunities to reach their full potential and further their education. We love this foundation’s mission and are so happy to support their efforts! We donated "Artist" keys for the girls who attended art camp, "Dance" keys for the girls who attended dance camp, and custom "Invincible" keys for their upcoming backpack picnic, where the girls receive a backpack and school supplies for the new school year.

Learn more about The Invincible Foundation on their website

Team Augustine

We're honoring Team Augustine for all they do to spread kindness and happiness to kids facing medical challenges. One of the ways they do this is through HEALium Hugs which delivers balloons to hospitals to put smiles on the faces of kids who are there for treatment. To support their efforts, we sent them an assortment of our most uplifting keys that they can use to lift the spirits of the kids they serve or use as a fundraiser to support their efforts. 

Learn more about Team Augustine here.

Flint Optimism Initiative

We were made aware of the Flint Optimism Initiative through following Shawn Achor—one of the most inspiring people we know. Through his social channels he recently invited others to take part in the initiative by sending copies of the book "The Happiness Advantage" to the 21 school districts of Flint, Michigan. He shared what many may already know—that Flint has been experiencing a true public health crisis from cyclical poverty, contaminated water, and eroding safety. Team Good Think's educational partners at the Orange Frog Workshop have been working with the schools of Flint to create a happiness curriculum for the educators, the staff, and the students. Would you believe that the schools have already completed 6,000 random acts of kindness?! We are so inspired! To support their efforts, we have donated 10 copies of the book and also donated 50 of our "BEE" HAPPY keys. Since kids love to clip these on their backpacks and lanyards, we're hoping they can use them use them to reward their student leaders or encourage participation by using these as little incentives for students who step up and put themselves out there in front of their peers.

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