Our Story

key2Bme was created to be a sweet little reminder that YOU hold the key to your happiness!  

With 55 designs available, we have keys to inspire, show your interests and represent the influential people in your life. Clipped on a bag or key chain, it will be a long-lasting reminder to focus on the things that make you happy.

We think there are three keys (pun intended!) to happiness:

  • Do what you enjoy
  • Make time for those you love
  • Follow your dreams 
We also believe everyone should find ways to be happy NOW —not after this or that happens, but right now. If you keep saying, “I’ll be so happy when…” it will always be just out of reach. So we hope our keys serve as a daily affirmation to focus on finding happiness now.
Because our goal is to help spread happiness, we've found ways to keep our costs really low, so:

  • Teams can afford to buy one for each athlete or performer as an expression of team unity. happy pack keys
  • Our keys can be used to thank volunteers, employees, coaches, teachers, neighbors and friends.
  • Personal trainers, professional speakers, business leaders, coaches and teachers can use our keys to motivate and recognize.
  • They can be used as a great add-on when you're giving cash as a gift for graduations, birthdays, confirmations or anniversaries.
  • They can be given as a nice little gift to wish someone good luck when they’re moving or starting a new job.

Some of our customers even like to keep a few of our happiest keys on hand for that impromptu moment when they want to recognize someone for their great service or lift someone’s spirit. (See our popular "Happy Pack" shown above.)
We offer free shipping every day on orders of all sizes.  Every key comes with its own inspiring quote card and key ring in a little organza bag ready for gift-giving.
So, you hold the key—unlock some happy today!

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