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Music key

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For musicians or just all of us music lovers! Music is the international language of emotion and musicians have the power to make us feel so much. Embrace creativity and beauty with the Music Key, which shows you support and identify with the people who've chosen to make music part of their lives.

"Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen

The Music Key is an excellent choice for giving to singers, choir groups, marching band members, or orchestras before a big performance...or as a way of celebrating a performance done well. Music teachers will love the Music Key for gifting to students they want to encourage to make music a permanent part of their lives. Clip them to instrument cases, music stands, zippers or a keychain for a unique symbol of what makes life a little more harmonious.

This key is perfect for: any musician or music lover in your life, from music critics to drummers in a rock band to those who play instruments like bass guitar, trumpet, or flute.