Tammy Nelson on Inspiration, Self-Care during Coronavirus, and More

key2Bme founder Tammy Nelson recently had the opportunity to talk to Jacqueline Perez at The Kuel Life about what life's like for her right now, including how she's coping with quarantine and what she's planning for her next big projects (including a Broadway musical!)

Read the interview to find out more about Tammy's motivation behind products like key2Bme—and about her "Big Hairy Audacious Goal" to help empower 1 million people. 

Tammy Nelson"I was starting to wonder how one person could be so passionate about all these different things that were seemingly disconnected [...] I knew that I wasn’t drawn to these things on a whim. There was some kind of magnetism pulling me toward these opportunities and I just needed to put my finger on it to make sense of it all. Fast-forward to the conclusion of this self-realization journey, I discovered my purpose in life — to empower others." - Tammy