"Super Hero" Keys for Super Educators

When we started key2Bme 2 years ago to help spread happiness, kindness and inspiration, we never imagined that one day we we could reach all the way to Africa! 

key2Bme is proud to be creating and donating custom "Super Hero" keys for each educator at the first Ugandan Teacher's College, spearheaded through a collaboration between  SuperYou FUNdation and The Giving Circle Africa.  Here you can see an amazing video that Lourds Lane, the founder of SuperYou FUNdation, shared with us from their "ripple" ceremony on the Nile River:

The teachers each threw pebbles into the water to symbolically represent the ripples they will be making in Uganda, spreading to all of Africa and eventually all around the world as a result of their work on educational reform.

We are inspired and honored to play a tiny part in lifting these teachers up as they are empowered to change the world!