Announcing the Unlock Happiness Program

Today, key2Bme is happy to announce the launch of our new Unlock Happiness program, designed to recognize those who spread happiness, kindness, and inspiration to others. Throughout 2018, we'll be recognizing 18 people or groups for their good deeds, giving them a key2Bme key of their own and featuring their stories on our website and social media. 

In a press release about the program, key2Bme Founder and CEO Tammy Nelson shared the following:

 "Since key2Bme was created to spread positivity, I'm thrilled that, instead of just stumbling upon these opportunities to give back, we will now be actively seeking these feel-good stories. While people who spread kindness are rarely looking for any kind of recognition, we hope that one of our inspiring keys, clipped on their key chain or bag, will be a daily reminder of the impact they're making and how much it's appreciated. And by sharing their stories, we hope to spread this happy news to give hope and inspiration to others."

Read the full press release

Know someone who spreads happiness wherever they go? Nominate them here! 

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