key2bme Founder Interviewed by Phil La Duke

I have a “happy now” policy and challenge myself to find happiness in every situation — not after this or that. After all, if we keep saying, “I’ll be so happy when…” happiness will always be just out of reach.
This is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about spreading happiness through my work.

If you're familiar with key2Bme founder Tammy Nelson, you know she's made it a mission to help people create and spread happiness. Tammy recently spoke about the importance of happiness, philanthropy, and finding your own unique purpose in an interview with Phil La Duke on Thrive Global. key2Bme is proud to be one of the ways Tammy puts her ideals into action, especially through supporting the winners of our Unlock Happiness program.

To learn more about how Tammy works to have a social impact, check out the article on Thrive Global or on Authority Magazine.


Tammy Nelsson