Announcing Three New Designs: "Nurse," "Breathe," & "Today"

It's been a busy few weeks at key2Bme! After releasing our new keys for armed service members and teen drivers, we're following up with not one, not two, but THREE additional designs. 

Nurse key

The first is a key that's been requested over and over again by our customers—and we're thrilled to finally have it. Nurses are there for us during some of the best and worst times of our lives. Now you can say "thank you" with our Nurse Key, which comes with a quote card that appropriately summarizes the dedication and compassion of those in this profession: 

Care for one, that’s love.
Care for a few, that’s family.
Care for hundreds, that’s nursing.

Perfect for attaching to a lanyard or purse, the Nurse Key is an easy way to let nurses know you appreciate them. 

 Our other two new designs are the Breathe Key, created to serve as a reminder to just stop and inhale when things get stressful or too busy, and the Today Key, reminding us to live in the moment. Together, these two keys help us find focus and are a fitting gift for those living busy lives. 

To learn more about our new keys, read our press release here


Breathe Key

Today Key